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Elementary Programs Start November 1st

October 11, 2016

If you have been thinking about volunteering for ASB and haven’t made your mind up yet.. now is the time to jump in!  Programs for 4th and 5th grade girls are starting at Juniper and Elk Meadow schools the first week in November.  Leadership/training meetings are offered in October so don’t delay!  Female teens, college students and adults are needed for these elementary programs plus others that will start up in January.img_3956

Our 2016_17 theme for the year is “Embrace Education!”  We believe by educating ourselves on a wide variety of character traits and virtues, we will be much better prepared to embrace those who are different from us and learn from them. Whether their interests are math or science, the arts or English literature, fashion design or sports, everyone deserves respect and acceptance. And while we learn about others and embrace our similarities and differences, each will also learn to love others as they have been loved. Sharing that love with others in our community and in our world is a huge part of what ASB is all about!

Below is a short statement from an OSU Cascades student who served with ASB last spring.  This young woman is preparing to become an elementary teacher. Her story may not be reflective of your story but the impact the girls have on you may be similar. It’s worth the time and the love.  Don’t wait any longer.. become a part of ASB and make a difference!.

The opportunity to serve with ASB was slightly out of my comfort zone because I am much more comfortable working with younger children, such as preschool or kindergarteners rather than with 4th and 5th graders. However, my time with ASB overall exceeded my expectations. Char is in amazing woman to work with and the trust she had in all of us was incredible. I had the opportunity to create a lesson with another girl in my class who was also volunteering with ASB and it ended up being very powerful. Although it was work putting together a lesson, the reward was amazing. I will never forget that day, and the small impact I had on those girls and the impact they also had on me.

asb-adult-volunteer-application-2016_17  Adult Application

2016_17-asb-teen-permission-slip  Teen Application


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