About Us

After School Buddies are mentors (Big Buddies) – female teens, young adults and older — passionate about helping 4th-8th grade girls (Little Buddies) prepare for the difficult social and academic challenges experienced in middle school. Encouraging girls to “survive and thrive” Big Buddies serve as encouragers, mentors and friends in once a week after-school sessions. ASB offers girls unconditional love and acceptance by surrounding them with inspiring teens and adults promoting inter-generational communication, respect and friendship.


During school year programs – ASB mentors

Support Improved Homework & Study Skills

  • Help students complete homework assignments on time
  • Work on improving study and reading/math skills

Share Conversations –  Encouraging Positive Relationships

  • Relate with encouraging stories & life lessons
  • Emphasize virtues and not vices
  • Encourage the sharing of joys and concerns

Coordinate Group Activities

  • Help girls of all ages discover personal gifts and talents including
    exploration of the arts/crafts/music/drama/sports/dance
  • Develop confidence in leading others to enjoy these endeavors

Focus on Community Outreach & Service

  • Learn to put others’ needs first
  • Work on outreach projects TOGETHER
  • Serve a variety of people in need from both local and worldwide communities

Experience Leadership Development

  • Direct and influence others
  • Determine priorities, planning and delivering programs
  • Encourage trust and confidence.


  • To provide leadership development opportunities for young adults and teens by preparing 4th-8th grade girls for the social and academic challenges of middle school;
  • In other words – ASB programs develop mentors to prepare young girls to be able to “survive & thrive” the tumultuous years of adolescence.


After School Buddies programs seek to:

  • Provide opportunities for children, teens and adults to positively impact the world;
  • Serve as a catalyst to challenge young adults and teens to discover personal gifts, talents and purpose;
  • Influence the lives of school girls by holding after school and summer camp programs led by teenagers and college students under adult supervision;
  • Develop service opportunities to inspire increased compassion, education and awareness of worldwide needs.